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Dave Wenham Claims
New Claims 
31st-May-2025 12:52 pm - Claims Listed
Dave 44
Since the start of the purging of some of the community's This community is now F/O locked. So please everyone lock your posts here. Thank you.
Your Mods, jack4will and cousinshelley

Claims and closed claims listed here nowCollapse )
11th-Mar-2007 11:36 pm - Claims
I'd like to claim Dilios from 300. Thank you!
14th-Jun-2006 07:18 pm - Layout changes
Nick/Warrick bad boys
Well I just changed the layout style and colors again. Wanted something special for our Daisy. *grins*

The color palette is called in a world of lovers which I think suits him. The colors can be found here. http://www.colourlovers.com/index.cfm?section=palettes&view=display&palette=25291

Main page for that site is here. http://www.colourlovers.com/
4th-Apr-2006 08:18 pm - Changed layout
Nick/Warrick bad boys
Well since lj released a lot of the paid layout styles except for two of them I decided to change the layout for here.

I also made the community member approved by the mods. Since I remembered we do have some not work safe pics posted here and such.

Now pleaee people remember we do have more open claims.

Lets get this place moving again. :)
14th-Feb-2006 08:41 am - Happy Valentine's Day to Daisy Claims
Dave 44
27th-Jan-2006 08:55 pm - Here is an update on the claims
Nick/Warrick bad boys
I have the updated Claims and what you can claim and how they should be done.

Claims will be divided into twelve categories:

1: David Wenham characters
2: Quotes
3: Scenes
4: Physical bits of David
5: Personality bits of David
6: Physical and personality bits of characters
7: Items
8: Personal Items aka clothing etc
9: Friendships
10: Picture Claims
11: Claims from interviews
12: Awards / Title category

David Wenham characters

Scenes is now going to be organized by films

Quotes is now going to be organized by films

Physical bits of Dave

Personality bits of Dave

Personal Items aka clothing etc

Physical and personality bits of characters organized by characters

Items from characters organized by characters


Picture claims

Interview claims

Awards / Title catagory

For picture claims please put them behind and lj cut. Also mark before the cut if the picture is NOT WORK SAFE!
27th-Jan-2006 08:32 pm - A Claim and Site Update
Nick/Warrick bad boys
Well I forgot about putting this down for our Daisy. So I claimed this.

Audrey - Moulin Rouge!


I just put up the link to Daisy's IMBD page. So memembers can see what our Daisy is up to now. I called it this. Daisy's Film & TV Credits.

It's on the top of the page here.
25th-Dec-2005 05:36 pm - Claims update
Nick/Warrick bad boys
The claims list is updated now. Still have a lot of open claims left. So get claiming.

Hope everyone here has had a Wonderful Christmas Season.

There is also a new catargory now too thanks to a suggestion by iocane

It is Awards/Title catagory.
23rd-Nov-2005 06:25 pm(no subject)
Jeepers, I haven't done any claiming since I snagged DDK's eyebrows (Not for Lost, for the eensy series he was onyears before that)

Trying not to be too greedy ...Collapse )
3rd-Nov-2005 09:39 am - Mod post
Nick/Warrick bad boys
I changed the layout here for the claim community since the other layout you could not see the usernames for the claims.

The Claims that are closed are now listed here and in the user info.

I put the closed claims in the memories section for the claim community also.
3rd-Nov-2005 09:02 am - Closed Physical bits of Dave
Nick/Warrick bad boys
Closed Physical bits of Dave
Dave's hair - anorienparker, fairyqueen5984, kira_may
3rd-Nov-2005 08:58 am - Closed Character Claims
Nick/Warrick bad boys
Closed Character Claims
Faramir- jack4will, hils, fairyqueen5984, sairalinde
21st-Sep-2005 11:35 am - Just to let you know
carl by cassandrah
The claims list is updated, and I added craig___claims as an affiliate.

7th-Jul-2005 02:44 pm - Mod post
Nick/Warrick bad boys
I want all of our London friends to come in and say that you and your families are safe. Our prayers are with you. Cynegyth is safe and so is her family as far as she knows. She will tell me more tomorrow.

Please all of the UK members check out this community. london_070705
28th-Jun-2005 08:26 pm - Claims
Okay I am new to this. Hope I do this right.

I have seen several claims on Dave mouth. But not on his tongue and pout so....
I claim his tongue and his pout. And his dimples ))

and these picture.Collapse )
28th-Jun-2005 09:39 pm - Oh my god
carl by cassandrah
What am I thinking? I just got the whole idea of this.

So may I also claim the Carl/Van Helsing relationship. I slash 'em, but I guess that would be listed under friendships, I don't know. I must needs that. Like air. That would be super.

And I realized I claimed nothing 'Dave' whatsover, just characters.

So many pretty bits.

Can I claim his neck, his eye crinkles and his bellybutton?

(This is really an exercise in frustration, just narrowing it down, no?)

And now, I will stop. Yes.
28th-Jun-2005 09:40 pm - Claims
Valiant (by Starbuck92)
Not sure what all has been taken at this point...

I claim David's hands and lips (I wanted to claim is gorgeous eyes but I think 3 claims have already been made on them.)

I would love to claim Faramir I think I only saw maybe 2 claims on him and one was a mod. *crosses fingers*
28th-Jun-2005 07:41 pm(no subject)
top gear - woot!
Holy Crap! I'd better get at this, or everything will be gone!

I'd like:

Bits and Pieces:

Dave's eyes
Dave's hair
Dave's chest hair
Dave's lips
Dave's introspection


"Desicated coconut!" from Better Than Sex


Carl from Van Helsing
Luke from Dust
Josh from Better than Sex

Um, I'll think of a million more later, I am sure!
28th-Jun-2005 08:26 pm - Myn Claims!!
Gabe & Me - OTP WT 08
Woohoo!! This is so exciting!!

I'd like to claim:

Carl (Or as I so lovingly call...FriarFaramir! LoL)

His beautiful eyes
His meltworthy smile
His awesome hair

Carl: Why does it smell like wet dog in here?

Carl: A genius with access to unstable chemicals!

Faramir: The enemy? His sense of duty was no less than yours, I deem. You wonder what his name is, where he comes from, and if he really was evil at heart. What lies or threats led him on this long march from home, or he would not rather have stayed there... in peace? War will make corpses of us all.

Carl's Quirkiness

Luke's cowboy hat in 'Dust'

This PictureCollapse )

and THIS pictureCollapse )
28th-Jun-2005 09:26 pm(no subject)
Craig - Peace sign
Well....naturally, chatting with Sairalinde got me in even deeper. So...if I may,

sairalinde and I would both like to claim:

Haldir/Faramir relationship and
Craig Parker/David relationship

(We'll share and play nicely together, we promise)

If that's ok :)

Now. I promise I'll quit now.

This also made us want to start craig___claims May I list this community as a sister community?
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